Broken Ranks news, Closed Beta begins, Voodoo changes, build calculator – Currently working on… e. 213

As the main dish, we’d like to inform you that Broken Ranks beta tests are very close. Indeed, we have already sent first invitations to the Closed Beta! Also, if you are having trouble planning the development of your character, today’s post will tell you about a very useful tool for analyzing builds and combinations. Apart from that, we have a bunch of statistics for you. And you should also check out what we are working on in BR itself.

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Holiday event, voodoo changes at last, news from the world of BR – Currently working on… e. 211

Holidays came and went. At least in theory because soon we’ll have a new kind of activity where you can get some prizes. We’re also going to present a summary of the event and give you some statistics. Apart from that, we’ve improved the launcher as more and more people will need to start using it since Flash is gone. The beginning of 2021 is a great opportunity to give you a report on Broken Ranks, especially that some of you were unhappy that there was no update in the previous post.

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Taern is 10 years old, BR progress report and we’ve left the best for the end! – Currently working on… e. 210

Here’s our anniversary blog post with information on the event schedule, Broken Ranks updates and the long awaited beta release date! You’ll also be able to see some anniversary numbers. To make you feel nostalgic and let you have a laugh, we’ve asked one of our long-time players, a pillar of the community and radio journalist, KGB, to give us a list of things he didn’t expect from Taern when it was first released. Read on.

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Launcher, update summary, events, new skin – Currently working on… e. 208

This time we will be talking about some matters that probably weren’t on your mind. It’s all related to the fact that Flash will soon be disabled completely. Flash is dead but Taern is not! Let’s also see what’s going on with the Vorling event. Halloween and the Hussar Hetman are coming. A cherry on top – concept art and plans for guild buildings in BR. Read on!

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Taern Broken Ranks FAQ EN

zebata_mordaWe’ve had a lot of questions about Broken Ranks lately. Is it coming? When? How? Will you delete my account/character/equipment and so on and so forth? Many people ask questions, many people answer to the best of their knowledge. In order to make some matters clear, we’ve created this short FAQ that will be expanded when new issues arise. Welcome to the world of Broken Ranks 🙂 Continue reading