Open Beta 2, upcoming 2D update – Currently working on… E. 219

We’d like to invite you to the second Broken Ranks Open Beta! Apart from the date, you’ll also learn what we were working on in preparation for the test and what language version the game will be released in. There’s also a huge amount of information about the upcoming changes to 2D.

Open Beta 2

As you know from the previous post, we were working both on adding new content and fixing as well as improving what we have so far. Some solutions are difficult to test without a server full of people, so we’re counting on your support during the second Open Beta! However, it won’t last long, because, as we’ve already said, this is more of a “technical beta” that will let us know if the solutions we implemented are sufficient. In addition to that, shorter tests will mean that the servers will be under more stress. In any case, it’ll be a great opportunity for you to discover the world of Broken Ranks or continue playing.

Why continue playing? Well, although testing the effects of the fixes would be more efficient if everyone started from scratch, we decided to let you have access to your characters from the previous Open Beta.

We hope that the female part of our playerbase (and not only them) will be happy that you’ll finally be able to play a female character. Although some classes are not ready yet, women with the classes of Knight and Fire Mage will be able to explore the world of Broken Ranks.

Female Avatars Editor

The server will go online on September 17th at 9PM CEST. The test will finish on September 19th at 9PM CEST. If you uninstalled the client, you can download it here:

Here are also some answer to the most pressing question that you asked during and after the first Open Beta:

  • You’ll be able to play the game using your Open Beta 1 characters (they haven’t been deleted yet).
  • if it’s the first time you try our game, all you need to do is register via (creating an account on the website will create one for the game).
  • If you have an account on or have registered through the websites, there’s no need to create another account,
  • If you have an account on or and you didn’t participated in Open Beta 1 (which means that you don’t have a Broken Ranks account), you’ll have to register via our website.
  • The characters you are going to play will be removed. When Broken Ranks is released, we want everyone to begin from the same starting position.
  • The game client during Open Beta will work only on Windows 64bit (version 7 and higher).
  • The optimal resolution is 1920×1080. Higher resolutions aren’t 100% supported yet.
  • We assure you that the installer file is safe. Your antivirus may be reporting it by, e.g. warning you or blocking it, but this only means that we need to add it to the antivirus database.
  • You can record and stream your gameplay and we have nothing against this.
  • System requirements:

    4gb ram
    CPU: ~8 years old i3
    GPU: integrated Intel HD Graphics ~8 years old
    512 vram
    HDD: 5GB

    8gb ram
    CPU: i5 (~5 years old)
    GPU: (dedicated with 1gb ram, e.g. GTX 760)
    HDD: 5GB

More on system requirements will most likely be known once the tests are over.

Join us! We understand that feedback from new players is equally valuable to that we got from experienced Taernians. All of you look at the gameplay from a slightly different angle, so if there are any fans of MMORPGs among your friends, let them know about our Open Beta 2. 😉

Broken Ranks in several languages

Thank to the first Open Beta, we were able to determine in which parts of the world the game was the most popular. Of course you’ve already seen data on this, but the numbers (and many messages from players outside of Poland) made us rethink our localization strategy.

At first, we planned to release Broken Ranks in two languages: Polish and English. After analyzing the data, we decided to also translate the game into other languages, i.e. Russian, French and German. We’re also in the process of finding a translator for the Portuguese version. Don’t worry, we’ll do everything we can to make sure that the atmosphere of Broken Ranks is well preserved in the translations.

During the second Open Beta, only Polish and English servers will be available. The other language version will be available once the game is released or slightly later.     No, translating the content will not delay the release as it is done by a different team.

Will the game be released in other languages than the ones mentioned above? Time will tell, but we’re thinking about it. It all depends on the demand and the activity of players from other countries.

To finish this part of the post, we strongly encourage you to read the interview with the developers of Broken Ranks and an article about the more technical aspect of developing the game.

Changes to abilities – Barbarian and Druid

Not long ago, we closed a testing session for the new skills of the Barbarian and Druid. Thank you all for participation and feedback.

With the former, the feedback was very positive. Testers offered suggestions for changes some values, but generally though that the gameplay was more fun and the new skills were much more useful than the ones the Barbarian currently has. Tanks to the suggestions, we were able to choose the values that we think are the best. The names, descriptions and icons are still work in progress. The new abilities will replace the rarely used Two-Handed Strike, Roar and Infection. They are:

1. Area of effect attack.

Attack zone: melee
Target: every opponent
Damage formula: 1*strength + 0.4*agility
Damage type: crushing
Additional properties: Roots don’t block this attack

The lack of an AoE attack makes the Barbarian less useful in some instances and also makes solo play more difficult as compared to the Fire Mage. To make the fun of playing damage dealers equal, we decided to add an AoE attack to the Barbarian.

2. Ranged attack with a debuff hitting a single target.

Damage type: slashing
Formula: 1.2*strength + 0.8*agility

The Barbarian’s range of skill lacked a normal ranged attack. We decided to implement it instead of Roar whose effect was very good, but… landing it required a lot of luck. 😉 In the skill that replaces it, the debuff will not be as meaningful but much easier to land. In addition to that, the new attack can be used as an alternative, weaker attack from a different zone.

3. Self-buff.

Effect: lowers the level of each debuff on the Barbarian. Doesn’t shorten their duration.

As opposed to the Fire Mage, the Barbarian can’t protect their mental zone too well. Protection cast by a Knight is not as effective here. Moreover, if there’s not Protection, ranged debuffs will hit the Barbarian first before they can make their own attacks. We decided to implement a buff that would allow the class to preemptively lower the effects of debuffs but at the same time not nullifying them completely.

What about the Druid? What were the reactions of the testers after the changes? We know that fixing a class that has already been fixed can cause a panic among players. Are there reasons to fear? See for yourselves. In general, the new Swarm and Fade were received very well, but the change to Roots was the most controversial. Here are the changes we intend to implement:

1. Fade (the name will change to be more in line with the effect) – a self-buff.

The current version of Fade is a skill that doesn’t give the Druid much in terms of melee defense. Physical resistances, on the other hand, are more universal. You’ll see their benefits in every difficult situation. Of course, up until now, the Druid didn’t need to “waste” an attack to get more resistances – it was enough to buy a shield. Shields, however, make it impossible to use two-handed weapons that are currently stronger than their one-handed counterparts in terms of stats, modifiers and damage. We’re sure that not having to use a specific weapon to go with the shield will make soloing easier for the Druid and, in connection with the new items (more details below) the lack of Gleam will not be as painful. Moreover, since the Druid can only cast this buff on themselves, it’ll be easier to keep the effect going for longer.

2. Swarm – in addition to its current effects (taking away AP and dealing damage every round), the skill will also deal some direct damage on hit.

The early concept of this ability was implemented during the Broken Ranks tests. Since the gameplay of the Druid early is very problematic, we wanted to improve it with the new version of Swarm. This change proved to be very popular. We decided to test this ability also at higher levels and implement it in 2D. It’ll make soloing easier and add an alternative attack for Bash – it’ll be weaker but it’ll also be faster.

3. Roots.

Here, a more detailed explanation of the change is necessary. We’ll also give you more information on other changes that we’ll implement alongside this one. Let’s start with why we’ve decided to implement this change at all. As most of you know, the effect of Roots is overpowered. Totally blocking one zone of attack can drastically turn the tide of battle. That’s why we had to put a lot of restrictions that were frustrating but necessary – low accuracy, high penalty to repeated casts in pvp, resistances on a lot of mobs. We didn’t want to get rid of the unique effect of the ability, but we wanted to balance it so that the zone blocking effect would be more difficult (but not impossible) to achieve in a single round. Of course, with the change we would also like to lift most of the restrictions we put on the skill.

How do the new Roots work? The most important thing is that they apply two types of effects now, but in order to apply Immobilization, the effect Roots needs to be present first. In other words, you have to hit two times to block melee attacks for the opponent. What do the effects do?

  • Roots, same as currently, deal direct damage, damage over time, and decrease ranged defense. They no longer block melee attacks.
  • Immobilization – blocks melee attacks. The second Roots, the one that immobilizes, also deals damage, but once the enemy is debuffed wth Immobilization, Roots no longer deal damage (and 0% hit chance is displayed). The Immobilization effect doesn’t deal damage over time. Immobilization has the same duration as Roots – if Roots are applied a round or two earlier, their effect will be extended.

What else will chance apart from the basics of how the skill works?

  • significantly increasing the chance to hit of the skill – +20% at every level,
  • halving the hit penalty in pvp – from 30% to 15%,
  • changing the effect “resistance to roots” to “resistance to immobilization” (also on rares) – this will work similarly to the current “resistance to face of death” by blocking the most invasive part of the effect and not the whole skill,
  • completely removing the aforementioned resistances from most mobs and bosses – they’ll stay only if the resistance is 100%,
  • mobs that use Roots (and Swarm) will be adjusted,
  • mobs that you need to root due to high damage will be adjusted.

That’s all as far as balance changes are concerned, now let’s talk about the second most important update.

New items and compensation

As we mentioned in the previous post, we want to add new items to replace shields. The last time we referred to them as “offhands”, now we know that they’ll be vambraces!

They’ll be divided into physical and magical. In Broken Ranks, these items will be replaced with class specific items. Maybe you’ll be able to loot them, maybe you’ll be able to make them yourself if you have the current vambraces. Who knows… 😉

The table below gives you all the information you need about the new items. We’re also thinking about adding stars to the level 60 items so that their stats are similar to Gleam, which is a star item, but the decision hasn’t been made yet.

Similarly to shields, vambraces will require you to sacrifice something. Magic users sacrificed attributes and couldn’t use two-handed weapons with shields while physical classes had to stop using some abilities. We decided to go with a minor loss in attributes but added a significant upside – vambraces will not limit the usage of skills of weapons, and you’ll also be able to experiment with new builds. Vambraces will most likely use the shield slot and you’ll be able to swap them in combat (if it’s to hard to implement this for our programmers, vambraces will most likely use them same slot as Hussar Wings, but in BR they’ll use the shield slot for sure).

So, you know now how the items look, but how are you going to be compensated? And how will the compensation process look? Except for Knights, all items will be automatically replaced. We’ll be exchanging 5 rares:

  • Gleam -> Magical Vambraces (defensive) for level 60
  • Karapax -> Physical Vambraces (defensive) for level 60
  • Keel -> Physical Vambraces (defensive) for level 120
  • Mallus -> Physical Vambraces (offensive) for level 120
  • Pain -> Magical Vambraces (offensive) for level 120

As you might have noticed, we’re missing defensive Magical Vambraces for level 120… Well, there’s not item that they would replace, but we decided to implement this type of vambraces in the game. That’s why you’ll be able to loot them. Of course, the rest of them will also be assigned to various bosses, so you’ll be able to equip them.

The items will be exchanged automatically during the update. Warning! If you want the item to be exchanged, it has to be on your character (either equipped or in the backpack)! If you don’t want your item replaced, you can put it in the deposit before the update! You’ll be informed via a pop-up when logging in about this option. If you don’t put the item on the character/in the deposit, you’ll lose the opportunity to exchange/keep the item unless your account wasn’t active when the information about the exchange was published. In this case, please create a support ticket and we’ll manage this until the end of the year.

Only rares looted before the publication of the blog (09.07.2021 9PM CEST) will be exchanged.

Vambraces will be upgraded and leveled up same as the source item.

Most of the compensation will be managed using the algorithm above, but there are also minor cases that you are often asking about:

  • Will Pain and Urnstul become staffs?
    In 2D, their appearance will not change, in BR they’ll become staffs. The graphics will be updated automatically.
  • What about skins?
    Every item with a skin placed on the character will have its skin removed. The skin will be placed in the backpack and the costs of the changing the skin will be refunded.
  • What if I have a skin on Pain/Urntsul, but I want to keep the weapon? Will the skin be gone when BR is released or will it be changed to a staff?
    We are aware of this issue, but we haven’t decided yet. Either they’ll automatically deskinned or you’ll be able to exchange them via support.
  • What about the skin of Allenor on Pain?
    Due to its price and uniqueness, you’ll be able to exchange it for a different skin via support. You’ll be able to choose from among: the skin of any rare, set item or epic available in the game excluding weapons for physical classes, shields and rares from the Tarul instance. You cannot exchange it for skins that are no longer available in the game.
  • What about the skin of Gleam?
    There will be no Gleam in BR – we’ll most likely refund the average price of the skin.
  • What if a Druid equips Keel? What will it be exchanged for?
    It’ll be exchanged according to the formula above, so the Druid will get defensive Physical Vambraces for their Keel.
  • Will Knights be able to use Vambraces?
    Yes, but they won’t be able to equip both shields and vambraces.
  • What about damaged items? Will I be able to get rid of them by exchanging them for vambraces?
    Damaged Gleams will be exchanged for vambraces. Other damaged items will not be exchanged.
  • What about shop items?
    You’ll be refunded the full cost of the item.
  • What about other rare shields and one-handed weapons?
    You’ll be refunded 200% of the rare’s value (value = the price visible on the item). The following items will be refunded this way: Dragon Wing, Isthrimm, Pinari Sword, Derengil, Isverd, Avalanche, Opener, Tetanus.
  • What will happen if I buy an item that was looted before the publication of the post? Will it be exchanged?
  • What will happen if someone lies to me a sells me an item that was looted after the time of publication?
    You are trading at your own risk. There’ll be no refund of any kind.
  • What will happen if I give an item bound to character A to character B?
    It’ll still be bound to character A after the exchange.
  • Since there were no psychoshields, what level will the new magical defensive vambraces be?
    Level 0.

We’ll also adjust some items to take into account the fact that it no longer matters if a weapon is one- or two-handed. Debuffing weapons will get more attributes while Trident, an offensive weapon, we’ll get slightly better psycho bonus in exchange for attributes. The new stats of rares are as follows (green means increase, red means decrease):

Other changes

Uh, it’s a lot of changes and a really long post. 😉 But if you’ve reached the end, then take a look at minor changes that we also want to implement:

  • Tiger will now drop flasks.
  • Mountain Cats will now respawn faster on the Frozen Lake by the waterfall and in the Garrison.
  • PvP reduction will no longer take into account whether a character has a shield equipped.
  • Dispel will now be reduced in PvP similarly to other Druid skills.
  • magical damage modifiers will now work on the damage over time portion of Roots (until now only physical damage modifiers worked).
  • fixes to damage reduction on Mahet – updates to how Voodoo abilities (the current version uses values for the old version of each skill), Druid abilities (Roots) and Barbarian abilities (new ranged attack) work.

But that’s not all. With the next update, we’ll implement some changes in instances that were long awaited by lower level Fire Mages and mid level Barbarians. What are they?

  • Construct v1 and Castle Specter – the Barbarian wreaks havoc in both instances while the Fire Mage doesn’t shine too brightly. We adjusted the resistances on every mob to make the disparity much smaller.
  • Construct v2 – the situation here is completely different and sometimes very strange as it’s sometimes better to take a lower level Fire Mage than a higher level Barbarian. We also adjusted resistances and also decreased the chance for Farrid’s Jump in phase 3.
  • Tit – we adjusted slashing resistances to take into account the new ranged attack of the Barbarian which they’ll be able to use here.

All the values above are subject to slight changes, so you can expect them to be a little bit different in the final version, but the general idea will remain the same. If you have any interesting comments or see that something hasn’t been explained well, let us know in the comments. If there’s anything unclear as regards the compensation, we’ll edit the post and add the relevant points to the list.

Now the question on your minds must be when we are going to implement all of these changes. 😉

Due to the second Open Beta, the 2D update will be postponed until after the Beta. There are still some things that need to be finalized (graphics, names, choosing bosses that will drop vambraces, setting the drop chance, adjusting mob AI). We hope that nothing unexpected will come up and we can finalize everything before the end of October. We don’t know the exact date yet.

And for all of you who got this far, here’s a cherry on the bottom – the Cave under the Garrison and some new avatars. How do you like them? 😉

5 thoughts on “Open Beta 2, upcoming 2D update – Currently working on… E. 219

  1. Was there a typo here about the new barbarian skill?

    1. Area of effect attack.

    Attack zone: melee
    Target: every opponent
    Damage formula: 1*strength + 0.4*agility
    Damage type: crushing
    Additional properties: Roots don’t block this attack

    About the formula, is it meant to be 1*strength or 1.6* strength? I ask since there’s no weapon damage included and values don’t add up to 2 like all other skills that don’t include the weapon in the damage formula

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